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Terminal Shipments Decline,brocade's Continuous Loss Has Been Discontinued

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Since last year,Affected by the continued decline in shipments of mobile terminals,Many mobile phone industry chain manufacturers have begun to stop production or“Running”Waiting for crisis,This phenomenon has not changed so far。


recently,Shenzhen Jiuyou Co., Ltd. issued a notice saying,The company received the holding subsidiary Shenzhen Bo Lixin Technology Co., Ltd.(Hereinafter referred to as“Bo Lixin”)Discontinuation report,Because the mobile phone industry has no signs of recovery,In order to contain and reduce the loss of Bo Lixin,Reduce losses,reduce risk,According to its actual operation and the status quo of the mobile phone industry,The company decided to stop the production of the main production line of Bo Lixin,Camera module will remain after sale。


Shenzhen Bo Lixin Technology Co., Ltd. was established date2008year4month24day,Business scope for mobile phonesCMOSCamera module、Lens development、Production and sales,Import and export of goods and technology,Clients include Huaqin、Wentai et alODMVendor。Shenzhen Jiuyou Co., Ltd. holds Bo Lixin70%Equity,Bo Lixin is a holding subsidiary of Shenzhen Jiuyou Co., Ltd.。


2018year,Bo Lixin suffered a large loss,Still losing money this year。cutoff2018year12month31day,Borisson's total assets15,904.10Ten thousand yuan accounted for the total assets of the company63.07%,Net assets270.9210,000 yuan of the company's total net assets20.21%,2018Annual operating income30,644.91Ten thousand yuan accounted for the company's operating income13.57%,Net profit-6,003.43Ten thousand yuan(2018yearthe companyNet profit-28,548Ten thousand yuan)。


cutoff2019year3month31day,Borisson's total assets9,796.2Ten thousand yuan accounted for the total assets of the company33.98%,Net assets-266.5Ten thousand yuan(Unmatchable),2019year1-3Monthly operating income4,579.82Ten thousand yuan in the company2019year1-3Monthly operating income50.51%,净利润-537.4Ten thousand yuan(2019year1-3Monthly company net profit-661.9Ten thousand yuan)(The above data has not been audited)。


Bo Lixin stressed,The current mobile phone camera module capacity is saturated,The same industry adopts low-price competition strategy to snatch a small number of orders,Resulting in no profit on orders in the market。Bo Lixin is currently in tight cash flow,Shortage of production and operation funds;Did not undertake new orders,Only a small amount of tail sheet production,Production continues to shrink,Currently in a state of sustained loss。


“Because Bo Lixin is an important holding subsidiary of the company,Will have a major impact on the company's ongoing operations。”Nine shares said,2018The company's main business for the year is the supply chain business and mobile phone camera module business.,Among them, the holding subsidiary Runtai Supply Chain2018年8After the month,The company did not effectively control the Runtai supply chain,公司2018The Runtai Supply Chain Balance Sheet has not been included in the consolidated financial statements.;In addition,Bo Lixin, a holding subsidiary, is affected by the overall inventory of the mobile phone industry、Increased labor costs、Customer's requirements for quality improvement, etc.,Leading to rising prices of raw materials such as mobile phone camera chips、Falling price、The rate of defective products increased, and the gross profit margin of sales dropped sharply.,Bo Lixin’s main business suffered a loss。


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